About OAT

website 150dpi primary Logo copyTrustees – Sue Olsen, Jonathan Olsen, Dave Higgs


Supporting projects & people who share our family passion for the welfare of all animals throughout the world.

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Dave Higgs, brother of OAT’s founder Sue Olsen, joined the family trust in 2015. Dave’s role is to engage and develop relationships with projects supported by OAT.
His journey began in August 2015 when he took his first filed trip to Zambia to spend time with a number of projects under the GRI (Game Rangers International) umbrella, located in and around the Kafue National Park.  It soon became apparent that Dave would be a continuous source of fascinating stories and photographs. We decided to create a platform for us to share these stories with friends of OAT and hence the inception of the OATOKE blog. Having strong family ties with South Africa,  OKE is a common word used similarly the way you would use the word “bloke”.  Dave is now affectionately known as the OATOKE. 
OAT colleagues, aka OATERS, may also blog under the OATOKE banner from time to time when they too wish to share their findings and experiences.  

One thought on “About OAT

  1. Excellent work here Dave – really good. To think we both did removals! Amazing. Well done boss. I note you’re coming home in December. Fancy a beer….?!

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