Time to move on…

Currently lying in bed in my sleeping bag (freezing cold outside) and its 7:30pm on Tuesday night. We lost power in the camp at 7pm so decided to go to bed early where I can at least keep warm.

42 copy

It’s going to be really sad saying Goodbye to everyone here at Lilayi Elephant Nursery. It’s amazing how many friends I’ve made 2 & 4 legged! 



On to visit another GRI Project tomorrow –  ZPP (Zambia Primate Project).  Cosmas Mumba, Project Manager,  is coming to pick me up at 8am and we will drive to Mukambi camp in Kafue National Park.

I’m really looking forward to spending quality time with Cosmas on the 5 hour drive and looking forward to living at Mukambi camp for the next month or so. 95 moving on

If I’m honest I’m sh*!#@!# myself as I keep hearing stories about Lion, Elephant and Hyenas walking through the camp at night there. My Dutch friend gave me a large plastic bottle today as they said I’ll need it at Mukambi to pee in as once you’re in your tent at night you DON’T COME OUT!.. Nice.

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