Night visitor…

Kafue National Park, Mukanbi Camp


The camp is on the Kafue river and the last couple of nights I’ve had elephants, hippo, lion and hyenas passing my tent…  it’s *!##*@ scary!!!!!.

94 night visitorLast night a lion stopped outside my tent for a rest and he/ she was just lying there, about 4 feet from my head and I could here him/ her breathing… I was too scared to look out my mesh window or even get out of my sleeping bag… Phew, I’ve gotta say that I was sh#**#@! myself; proper sh#**#@! myself!!!Builders copy

Amazing place is The Kafue National Park… We (3 of us including Cosmas) are out in the bush all day building the monkey enclosures and not a word of a lie we hear lions roaring every few hours and we have no idea really where they are and how far away they are and we have no guns or a vehicle to run to for protection… I FEEL  ALIVE!

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