Full circle

chalimanduMet all 10 elephants currently in release programme yesterday afternoon including Chamilandu, Pickle’s adopted elephant.  (Pickle is my niece – Nicola’s, Nickname!). They are all so BEAUTIFUL and seem so so relaxed and happy. It’s so lovely to see the full circle of this conservation project, from rescue and rehabilitation to this amazing stage where they will gradually go back into the wild.

My favourite animal in camp though is Shaana, a baby female buffalo.  She was sucking my whole hand in her mouth last night, she is so cute and adorable, problem is she is getting big and has started to head-butt everyone!  As I write she is grazing no more than 10 feet from me.

My tent here at Camp Phoenix is right on the river, no more than 20ft from the waters edge… so I get up to go for a pee outside my tent about 2am, put my head torch on and as I walk outside I see my light reflect onto 2 eyes in the water … after a LARGE fart and a DEEP breath I went for a pee… he he he … I’m not joking with you either, this is so surreal!



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