Blog live! Go back and read ‘BACK BLOG’- entries from August 1st until now

Dave for back blog post

HOWZIT! (Hello in english)…

Currently back in Zambia with the famous Elephant man… Manny Mvula. I will be spending the next few weeks here in the Luangwa Valley, exploring the region and being introduced to loads of people in the conservation world. Will also be trying to fit in some walking safaris with Manny who is a well know specialist in the field – check out the link below to see just how amazing he is!

So, finally, my blog is going live today and guess what – I’m not going to be around to see your comments or add to mine for the next couple of days unless miraculously I find internet connection somewhere here in deep dark Africa…

So sit back with your cappuccinos, wine, beers or whatever and please read my BACK BLOG to get you up to speed with what I’ve been up to on behalf of OAT (Olsen Animal Trust) since I started my epic journey on 1st August. So far it’s been AMAZING!!!

Cheers, Dave.

PS: If you want to familiarise yourself with the projects that feature in my journey so far, see Projects tab above.

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