Mnkhanya Community

Said goodbye to Manny and I am now living with the local scout community in Mnkhanya village – very basic, mattress on the floor with a mosquito net, a bucket of cold water each day to wash and a hole in the ground for you know what.

202 copyAnyway its really HOT at night so I’m battling to sleep right now but I can live with that. I’m really enjoying having 15 kids in the village hanging around me most of the time. Got some great photos which I will share when I can.

I am here to spend time with the community, courtesy of Chief Mnkhanya, to get an understanding of the challenges they face regarding Drinking Water, Animal-Human conflict (lots of elephants here raiding crops at night etc) and I will be going out on patrol with the anti-poaching guys walking down the river/s looking for and removing snares.

Planning on a movie night   with the kids in my “hut” tonight…

… lollipops  …and

… the Lion King on my solar charged  PC…

More details to follow when I get back to civilisation..

5 thoughts on “Mnkhanya Community

  1. Dude 😀
    I am loving the blog! Beautiful sketches by your clever friend. Just to rewind are you saying you got woken in the night by an overweight hippo that smelt and broke wind ….welcome to my world 😜
    Frankly you are lucky it wasn’t pissed!
    Keep us posted.
    Lots of love
    Melissa x

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  2. Dave, It was such an amazing time “money can’t buy sort of time” …having you on safari. Didn’t mention that the tree you were about to climb during the “buffalo charge” was actually an acacia with very sharp thorns and not one I would choose to climb!!!! Hats off to you!!! I do hope that you have graduated from time spent in the Mnkhanya community with Isaac Banda and that your time with Chief Mnkhanya was one to remember. Cant wait to catch up properly and hear ALL about the film premiere you put on for all the 500+ kids in the village.

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