4 thoughts on “Taste of home!

  1. What are you excited about??? Its only chocolate!!! Quick!!!… eat it rather than photographing it before it melts in +40 deg or more likely the tenacious honey badger gets his claws on it if the ants don’t get there first and drag it into their nest in the ground. You will have to be a proper honey badger though to retrieve such a bounty from the ants nest as they will fight hard for it. So get on with it and lets see what you look like after eating the chocolates. Let those smiles exude the experience!!Hope all is well with you. Miss the laughs in the bundus with you. Cheers MM

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    1. Shut up Mr Mvula he he……….since you left The Valley I have not once felt in danger of losing my life, whilst you were here I got charged by a Buffalo, charged by a leopard, charged by another buffalo and an elephant was bumping up against my tent roof at night + a leapord walked past the bar whilst we were having a drink……….you ATTRACT DANGER Mr Luangwa Guide (Legend)……….he he
      I miss you too mate, thanks for showing me around your ‘Patch’.
      Currently with Steve and Anna, got bitten on the back of my leg last night by one of the monkeys….a welcome love bite he he


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