Good bye Malawi & LWC

335Its my last day here in Malawi and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre. A really dedicated, motivated and hugely knowledgeable team! A huge thank you to Johnny & Kate who have made me so welcome and have enabled me to get a great insight into the conservation issues in Malawi and the amazing work they do to combat them.

336Hyena Tracking

I have spent my last two evenings and early mornings with LWC’s vet tracking urban Hyenas with a view to collaring them to study there regular routes and general behavioural patterns. It also enables the team to intercept them if they are heading into areas of human animal conflict.

The president had a small pack in his estate garden last year sometime and contacted LWC and Carnivore Research Malawi to come and relocate them or they would be shot. They were successful in doing this 👍😀

A sad but interesting fact is that one of the food sources of the urban Hyena is stray street dogs, and there is no shortage of these… 😥😥😳😥

Hello Kenya

Off to KENYA tomorrow to meet up with my sister Sue and husband Jonathan. We will be spending a week with Will Travers, President of The Born Free Foundation. Together with the Kenyan Born Free team we will be visiting various Born Free projects.  More Blog on this when I get there!


One of the Worlds GREATEST inventions…….. Condensed Milk for my morning coffee ……. THE BEST way to start the day 👍😀👍😀👍😀

5 thoughts on “MALAWI, KENYA & COFFEE !

  1. Oh dear, that is a sad but interesting fact re diet of urban hyena….. 😦

    Great to see your pics of Bella and Simba!

    Two hours cutting fruit and veg – can’t imagine that!

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