Friends, Baboons & Spiders

Nothing like a baboon spider in the bathroom whilst you trying to have shave……. It’s Beautiful 👍😀

026 copy


A happy reunion with Cosmas, proudly sporting his new OAT cap! For those of you who don’t know, Cosmas is the project manager of Zambian Primate Project. A fantastic project that rescues and rehabilitates primates who are mostly victims of the bush meat and pet trade trade. Cosmas and his team do a great job ensuring that these poor animals are returned to the wild as soon as possible. A lengthy and complicate process but successful most of the time! 👍

025 copy

One thought on “Friends, Baboons & Spiders

  1. Dave, I would have passed out if I saw that spider in the bathroom! It would have had to take a selfie, I would still be running 🙂

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