Baby Elephant Rescue

Whilst in Malawi recently, I met with African Parks and heard about a baby elephant that was seen with a snare on its leg.
African Parks  who manage Liwonde National Park on behalf of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) in Malawi, had seen the baby elephant on numerous occasions. Every time they mobilised the rescue team (WERU + a helicopter) the baby’s mother, the matriarch, lead her family into deep marsh / swamp lands to protect them from humans, making it impossible to dart the baby without it possibly drowning.
The day after I arrived in Liwonde National Park we received a call to say the herd including the snared baby elephant had been spotted again and this time they were far away from any marsh swamps land and therefore the timing couldn’t be better to mobilise the team and attempt to dart the baby and remove the snare.
 064 copy
Within 1 hour the helicopter and the team had been mobilised and the rescue was on.
Within 3 hours the baby elephant had been located, darted and the snare removed.
 065 copy
From the time the baby was darted it took only 45 mins and the baby was back with her mom and family and running free without the snare no longer on its foot which must have been so so painful.
Great work and Great collaboration between two fantastic organisations
(WERU & African Parks)… Well done guys!
066 copy
Appeal: OAT is looking for someone to match fund them in supporting WERU (Wildlife Emergency Rescue Team)… please get in touch with us if you would like to help. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Baby Elephant Rescue

  1. What a wonderful story of teamwork and dedication to helping the snared elephant. Well done to all those involved in the operation. Here’s hoping the baby makes a full recovery, I’m sure she will!

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