All About the Ellies!

Poignant Words from the Prince
Yesterday Tusk’s Royal Patron Prince William spoke at London’s Shard about the plight of Elephants. His speech was broadcast live worldwide through Facebook and linked to John Scanlonin, the Secretary General for CITES in Johannesburg and Dr Handa, Chairman of ISPS Handa in Japan who also spoke. Check out their speech by clicking on the link below…
Global March for the Elephants & Rhinos
I’m sure after hearing what the Prince has to say you will want to JOIN US TOMORROW (Sat 24th Sept) at Cavendish square to March for the Elephants. I will be supporting the whole event and in particular giving a voice to Malawi’s elephants so if your there look out for one of my boards…..

3 thoughts on “All About the Ellies!

  1. Thank you 🙂 let me know before 7 if oyu want to talk since I might be out of reception after that as we will be slightly out of town, but I can talk in the morning.

    I hope for the organisers sake and your sake that lots of people turn up too, and all goes smoothly! We really REALLY appreciate the time you’ve taken on this, thank you

    Kate Moore Programmes Director, Lilongwe Wildlife Trust Tel: +265 (0) 993 800289 Email: Skype: kate.moore01 Web:

    Lilongwe Wildlife Trust is a member of the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), the Species Survival Network representative for Malawi and a founding member of ICCF Malawi’s Conservation Council.


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