Jefferys story 1 copyWe just rescued a baby vervet monkey. He had no name so we’ve just named him JEFFREY (after my nephew!) Jeffrey was tied with a very short rope to a tree where he had very little access to shade and no access to water. He was situated in a tree above a bar that had music blasting out loud all day and night and there were lots of stray dogs barking at him as well as drunk and abusive people. We will now take him to the Born Free rehabilitation centre where he will be nursed back to full health and then released back into the wild.
Cosmos who is in all of the pics with me is the Project manager of the Zambia Primate Project (ZPP).

jeffry the monkey copy

Jeffrey is a lovely little thing but really scared right now and also quite thin.  He is in the back of the bakkie under a tarpaulin but he has water and food which we brought for him.

All good and feeling quite emotional…


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