Lion Whisperer

Lions & Motorbikes
Lion Print copyI have now been given the nickname ‘Lion-Whisperer’… everyone at GRI call me the lion whisperer… those B@#*!*# BIG cats follow me around.
Last night at 7pm I was walking with one of the locals to the car park to move a motorbike for them, the rider wasn’t about and nobody else knew how to ride it so I volunteered… any excuse to get back on a bike hey ?…99
So we both have our head torches on and we are scanning the bush as we are walking, as everyone always does (safety first)… and then all of a sudden two eyes reflect from our head torch light back at us… Oh Yes… there it was, a female lion 40 yards away from us just lying down in the thick bush and looking us. The motorbike is still in its same place…!

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