River cruise

92This was a boat trip down the Zambezi river at sunset or ‘The Killing Hours’ as its locally known. Most predators go out hunting at sunset hence the ‘Killing Hours’ phrase.

On my right is Besa who is the Environmental Educator for CLZ  (Conservation Lower Zambezi), an amazing and very funny man who is also very inspiring.

A group of children from each school are carefully selected on a regular basis to attend classes at CLZ’s camp where they have various lessons in Conservation delivered by Besa. After the lessons are finished the children are invited out on a game drive as well as a river cruise which is what you are seeing above.

Most of the children have never seen a lion or an elephant in their natural environment so this is an opportunity for them to enjoy game viewing without feeling threatened.

Most of the children live in human animal conflict areas where elephants raid their crops at night so they see elephants as a threat not only to their personal safety but also to their food supply. 93These children are mostly interested in conservation and have a keen interest in the animal welfare as well as the environment. Most people will agree that Africa’s wildlife doesn’t stand a chance of survival in the wild unless the local people are aware and understand the importance of protecting their wildlife.  What a great bunch of kids !!


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