Village life

105I visited a local village where I met these Beautiful little children. My favourite was the little boy on the left of the photo wearing the green shirt, he just didn’t like me and refused to shake my hand or even be part of the photo…

He was so so cute and gave me the ‘Death Stare’ ha ha. The village is situated in the Lower Zambezi area of Zambia not far from the Zambezi river and not far from Chirundu.

Chirundu is the border town on the Zambezi river where you can cross over to Zimbabwe in the south. I was there visiting the community with CLZ (Conservation Lower Zambezi). CLZ are a fantastic organisation who offer various services in the local areas…

(1) Environmental protection in the form of Anti-Poaching
(2) Environmental Education to local schools
(3) Community support in the Chiawa Game Management area.
(4) Check them out here :-

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