Hare today…. gone tomorrow!

Rescued Scrub Hare released back into the wild

You may well have read in my previous post, the story of Muchilchili, the baby elephant rescued in Zambia.  Well today I want to tell you about the rescue and release of a slightly smaller animal, but one that is equally as important to us…

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This is Nicola the scrub hare – named after my niece ! She is an orphaned scrub hare rescued a few months ago by Anne & Steve of Chipembele Wildlife Trust, one of the projects supported by OAT (Olsen Animal Trust) in Zambia.  After being successfully nursed back to health and now big enough to fend for herself, yesterday, Nicola was released into a scrubby, well covered area with access to a little pond and lots of grass

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Her release was attended by Pebbles the vervet monkey, another Chimpembele Rescue who saw her off into the big beyond.  Good luck Nicola!

For more info on Chipembele go to: www.chipembele.org

One thought on “Hare today…. gone tomorrow!

  1. OMG Nicola you are just so cute…..whilst I know it goes against everything you are working towards if you could pop a little scruff hare in your suitcase next time you come home I would really appreciate it 😉

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