Tikki Hywood Trust – Zimbabwe

I’m still speechless and totally overwhelmed by the amazing Lisa Hywood and her team of animal carers. Really nice to see the smaller wildlife species being given the care and attention they deserve.

I hope to find the words soon to share my feelings but for now here are some of the animals I’ve met who are currently being rehabilitated at the Tikki Hywood Trust. Every effort is made to return them back to the wild as soon as possible.

02 copy

I’m Totally blown away and have a large lump in my throat mostly of the time …😳😳😳😳😳😳

02 copy

3 thoughts on “Tikki Hywood Trust – Zimbabwe

  1. Aaah, so keen to see more news on your trip, sounds an amazing place. When you get time, any pangolin pics will be much appreciated! Tricia


  2. Dave. Enough of the ‘new man’ stuff. Tears and all. It’s fine for the girls but I know you are Crocodile Dundee. So get back to wrestling hippos.

    See you soon


    David Simpson


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    1. Mr Simpson, I will take that comment on the chin but just you remember that I have video of you releasing Black the lion and you were on the verge of breaking, red in the face and wet eyes ………..don’t tempt me to put this clip on You Tube ha ha …………..hope you are well and I look forward to seeing you soon…………….from Sunny Zambia…………Goodbye 😀😀
      Dave 👍


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