Amazing Pangolin

Walking with Pangolin

My Tikki Hywood visit is sadly coming to an end, but my activities over the last few days have been incredible.

Pangolin are now one of the most endangered species in Africa as sadly they are poached for their scales that are used for traditional Chinese medicine and their meat is considered a delicacy.  These Pangolin have been rescued or confiscated from poachers and are being rehabilitated by the Tikki Hywood team before they are released back into the wild.022 copy

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I have just come back from walking in the bush with 5 rescued Pangolin’s. This is part of a daily routine carried out by the amazing team of carers here at Tikki Hywood.

I used to believe riding motorbikes was the BEST experience a human can have with their clothes on… ……but not any more…

That was the most AMAZING EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD!   Speechless 😳😳😳.

Check out Tikki Hywood’s website



I have bought a load of footballs to Africa to give to various families / communities etc. Here is a clip of the Pangolin carers kids having a kick about with me…


One more day left with Tikki Hywood Trust.   

2 thoughts on “Amazing Pangolin

  1. Dave. Stop sitting on the fence. Those things are designed to stop Elephants I can’t explain why the animals have taken to biting you though but you have to get affection where you can.



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