Introducing Jackie

This is young 4 week old Jackie.

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On an evening in March,  Jack the ranger was on the banks of the Lower Zambezi in Zambia cleaning his boat when he felt a thump against the side of it. He looked over to see a baby hippo staring up at him still with the umbilical cord attached.  After observing the baby for some time, it was apparent there was no mother anywhere to be seen, so rapid measures were taken to ensure the survival of little 2 week old Jackie.

OAT (Olsen Animal Trust) are funding the costs associated with the care of this gorgeous baby and she is now being taken care of by an amazing volunteer who has a beautiful plot on the Zambezi River. Jackie has a team of devoted carers 24 hours a day who are hand rearing her and she will be monitored by GRI’s vet on a regular basis to ensure the best possible care.

It is through the combined efforts of CLZ (Conservation Lower Zambezi) , GRI (Game Rangers International) Chipembele and OAT that, when Jackie is old enough, she will hopefully be able to return to the wild where she belongs.

Next week I will be travelling down to the Lower Zambezi to visit Jackie and her carers in person.  Can’t wait!  I will share more details and photos when I get there.

By the way she was originally called Jack, but after further examination she is now Jackie. 😉

One thought on “Introducing Jackie

  1. Hi Dave – thank you for visiting Kafue National Park and for all the inspiration you always bring with you and share so freely to myself and all my team. This, plus the support from OAT goes a long way in helping us to do our jobs more efficiently and effectively. Much appreciated – Sport Beattie, Founder and CEO – GRI.


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