Man v Wildlife conflict – KARIBA

En route from Tikki Hywood Trust to visit Mana Pools region I stopped off to see Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust in Kariba.  You won’t believe this but Kariba is a built up area and lions were just over the garden wall from Debbie’s house. Debbie is the founder of the trust.

Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trust – KAWFT

These lions are a problem pride that are hanging about at the moment, they roam around the town at night hunting and killings dogs, unbelievable really but true 😳. In the past many humans have also been killed 😀

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This is a major human / wildlife conflict area, the worst I’ve seen. I arrived in Kariba at 8pm last night and was taken straight out by Kariba Animal Welfare to elephants that were passing by the Kariba dam and coming into conflict with humans walking home from work. Unbelievable sightings.




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