Asia – Its a circus

Arrived in Hong Kong yesterday. Thunderstorms here and it’s 33 degrees and muggy … Phew 😳

I met up with Jill from Animals Asia Foundation (Jill Robinson MBE, the founder of this amazing charity)

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As part of my homework, I will be witnessing not only the state of the horrendous Bear Bile industry but a wide range of Animal Exploitation issues that the likes of Animals Asia are up against here.

Today we went to the Safari park in Guangzhou  … so so sad. We were in tears most of the time we were there. Beyond belief !

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This evening I went to the circus 😪😪😪😪

Elephants spinning around and dancing, bears dancing, bears riding bicycles, bears riding motorbikes, Tigers out on display, primates riding bicycles and playing musical instruments , bushbuck, zebra, giraffe and ostriches running around the circus ring as well as a fully grown hippo and a baby hippo doing tricks……and Flamingos running around and dancing …the list goes on, yes, I said the list goes on.

Over the next 2 weeks I will post regular updates providing an insight into what Animals Asia are doing to help combat animal exploitation in general.

One thought on “Asia – Its a circus

  1. So terrible to witness this, good on you for putting yourself through it. So terrible for animals who will live and die in such appalling circumstances.

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