Usiku the Hyena – Update

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A quick update on Usiku the young Hyena.  Apologies for he blurred photo’s but they have been taken through the fence!

He is getting on really well in his temporary enclosure within the Liwonde National park in Malawi. He is enjoying his food, his pool and interacting a bit with wild Hyena’s through the fence.

All very good news and this is exactly what everyone is hoping for. If the programme continues to go to plan, it won’t be too long before Usiku is released back into the wild where he will hopefully be welcomed into a wild clan of Hyena’s.

I will keep you posted on progress as and when I receive news from WERU (Wildlife Emergency Rescue Unit), who are managing the release programme. WERU is part of LWT (Lilongwe Wildlife Trust) in Malawi, one of the projects we are proud to be supporting. 
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