Stop the traffic!

HOT OFF THE PRESS! All 8 species of Pangolin have just been upgraded to Appendix 1 at CITES, securing them a much stronger level of global protection.

Officially the most trafficked animal in the world, the Pangolin has been in the headlines recently alongside Elephants and Rhinos as the CITES conference got underway.  Lisa Hywood ( our friend from the Tikki Hywood Trust has been at Cites, fighting for their protection! Well done to Lisa and all the others there on behalf of the Pangolin, what a great result!!

We will be joining Lisa and organisations such as Species Survival Network ( and African Elephant Coalition ( who will be representing many of the species that the projects we support strive to protect. We are all hoping for great results across the board, helping to put an end to the trade of these animals and their body parts. Sue and I head there tomorrow and will be on the side lines looking, listening and learning….. We will be there as members of SSN and are excited to see their president, Will Travers in action!

Have a look at this 1 minute video to hear Lisa talking about Pangolins and to see some footage of these intriguing animals.

BBC article

If you want to find out more about Cites watch this great video from the Born Free Foundation explaining it all…..

Cites Explained 



6 thoughts on “Stop the traffic!

  1. Hi Dave & Sue. This is great news … I have been following this story on BBC World News. Good luck tomorrow. Let’s hope all the animals you support will in time be in the same position. Mandy xx


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