Conservation Education

OAT are so happy to have been able to help provide these children with an Environmental Education School Visit this week AND delighted to hear they got the chance to see a leopard and lion on their game drive. 🦁🎓 WELL DONE also to Mafungausti for your wonderful poem “The Voice of Conservation” – a budding young conservation activist in the making we hope……

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2 thoughts on “Conservation Education

  1. Hi, any chance we could get a copy of the poem to share with some of our students, to show how kids in Zambia are doing stuff too? Thanks!

    Kate Moore
    Programmes Director, Lilongwe Wildlife Trust
    Tel: +265 (0) 993 800289
    Skype: kate.moore01

    Lilongwe Wildlife Trust is a member of the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), the Species Survival Network representative for Malawi and a founding member of ICCF Malawi’s Conservation Council.

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