Christmas Caption Competition!

This is my Christmas caption competition…

The prize for the best captions for these photos is a box of out of date Smarties for each winner.


caption comp 1 copycaption comp 3caption comp 2caption comp 4

caption comp 5 copy



Place your entries in the comments section please!

All of us at OAT wish you a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year!




5 thoughts on “Christmas Caption Competition!

  1. Don’t like the prize but like the idea!!!!!
    Caption 1: What the ……. is this?
    Caption 2: This window will do for my house
    Caption 3: Listen dude my sister has sponsored your mates already I have nothing more to give OK!
    Caption 4: This pause is not for smiling – Two guides and an OKE
    Caption 5: I am not hiding anything…..

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  2. Hello Olsen Animal Trust

    keep up the amazing work…

    Caption competition – in order:

    1. After two days of serious Kenyan constipation, it all became apparent. 2. Dave just wasn’t convinced over the hotel manager’s building structure inspection. 3. I used to be this tall…. 4. The Olsen Animal Trust’s version of Auguste Rodin’s “The Thinker”… 5. I swear I left my tent here…..

    On Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 12:20 PM, The ‘Oke’ On The Ground for the Olsen

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