Bedtime Story

So at the end of another amazing day in Africa, and my last day in Zimbabwe, I’ve just done the final night time rounds with Lisa (CEO of Tikki Hywood Trust) checking on all the rescue animals (10:30pm)…

the following happened:

1) got shocked by the  bloody electric fence 😳😳😳😳

2) the female Serval stalked me and mock charged me 😳 (nice)

3) the white tailed Mongoose tried to attack me through the fence 😳

4) one of the bat eared foxes bit me twice 😳😳😳 (nice)

5) but finally and with my favourite animal here, Hooch the African wild cat. I lay on the floor and she just walked around me and around me rubbing herself all over me whilst I stroked and fussed her into a Frizzy Frenzy…….. she is such a Beautiful cat and I will miss her πŸ˜₯πŸ˜ͺ.

As lovely as it is interacting with these wild animals, this sort of thing is always kept to a minimum as hopefully one day, as many of them as possible will go back to the wild.

018 copy

Next stop…..Zambia


2 thoughts on “Bedtime Story

  1. Hi Dave, given the frequency of attacks you have encountered from these lovely cute animals and electric shocks,…. you need to de-electrify yourself and have a zero polarity???, as for the animals don’t stare into their eyes you may want to rub yourself with their scent first perhaps and then meet them. I’m not suggesting lions are included in this though!!!!! An interesting thought :):)


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